About Us

Sugardrop was founded in June 2017 just three months after my T1D diagnosis on March 1.  When I was diagnosed, I had no idea what Type 1 diabetes was and as I began to share my story with friends and family I realized that most didn't know much about it. Many of my friends confused Type 1 with Type 2 diabetes and thought I just had to stay away from sugar.  Some thought that insulin was a cure. They were surprised to learn that I need insulin multiple times a day to live and that there is no cure.  

My mission is to raise awareness on the early signs of Type 1 Diabetes and to encourage anyone who is displaying these signs to insist on having a finger prick test.  Too many people are diagnosed late and are very sick by then and in DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) - which can be fatal.

All of my closest friends know so much more about T1D and through Sugardrop we want our message to be shared.

 One Sugardrop could save a life.  Your life.