My Sugardrop Story

 I was a happy healthy 11 year old girl living in Ontario, Canada just about to head into competitive dance season.  I came down with the flu and was sick for what felt like forever.  My mom finally took me to my pediatrician and we were told it was the flu and sent home.  The second trip to the doctor, I was told I had pneumonia and was put on antibiotics.  I had zero energy, I was thirsty all the time and was going to the bathroom a lot more than usual.  I missed a ton of school and dance.  When my eyes became blurry and I started throwing up, my parents really began to worry.  My mom asked the doctor to have my blood work done.  I had blood taken and a urine sample.  An hour after my test we got a call that I needed to head straight to the emergency room at the children’s hospital.  We rushed there and were admitted right away.  The doctor told us that my blood sugar was 44 (normal is between 4-7) and I was officially diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. 

The next few weeks were a blur, as I learned the everyday routine of my new life as a diabetic.  It was very frustrating - finger pokes, insulin injections, carb counting, being woken up in the middle of the night to test – but the worst part was the realization that I had to do this for the rest of my life. 

When it was time to test my blood sugar my mom would say “Kate it’s time to get a Sugardrop” since I needed a drop of blood to test my sugar level.  

This gave me the idea to start my company. If I was going to go through life with diabetes then I wanted to at least be fashionable and raise awareness to help find a cure.

Now I live my life with more passion than I did before my diagnosis.  My mission to raise awareness about T1D through my Sugardrop brand has allowed me to contribute to finding a cure and helping others get through their initial diagnosis.  T1D doesn’t stop me one bit from living my life to the fullest.   I feel even more determined, positive, and passionate about my awesome T1D life!

 I am proud to be T1D.  Follow me on Instagram @sugardropsweetwear my DM is always open!


  Kate Beaulieu, Sugardrop Founder
  T1D Fashionista
  Living with T1D since March 2017