Share your Sugardrop

Have fun colouring our Sugardrop Signature Logo or get creative and design your own Sugardrop from scratch and send it in.  Who knows we may just put it on a limited edition tshirt!  Just be sure when designing your own drop that you incorporate our smaller drops.

Click here to download our Sugardrop.

Click here to download a blank Sugardrop.

Don't forget that you will be entered into a monthly draw for a Sugardrop Gift Pack.

Contest Rules:

  • Send in 2 high resolution photos - 1 of you with your Sugardrop and 1 closeup of the Sugardrop so we can see your creativity. 
  • Short Bio (name, where you are from, any relationship to T1D, what you like about Sugardrop etc.). 
  • Send your entries to
  • One entry per month.
  • Bonus entry if you post a picture wearing an item from our Sugardrop Collection AND your Sugardrop.

The First Draw will be held November 30th.

Have fun!